New Orleans Dining
Dining is a passionate art form in New Orleans. Our restaurants and chefs are world-renowned and award-winning and will make your visit to New Orleans an unforgettable experience. The cuisine of New Orleans is anything but typical. Meals range from fine dining at old New Orleans establishments to fried meals at hole-in-the-wall favorites. One thing evident across the board is the combinations of seasoning. Another thing in common with many meals throughout New Orleans is the inclusion of seafood. The city's rich history also plays a role in the "typical" cuisine of New Orleans. You’ll find some of the industry’s brightest and most innovative rising stars, serving their own unique versions of what is collectively known as New Orleans Fusion. Dine in some of the world’s oldest and best-known restaurants, including Galatoire’s, Arnaud’s, Antoine’s and Brennan’s, or dine on beignets and café au lait at the famous Café Du Monde in Jackson Square.

While exploring New Orleans’ culinary wonders, don’t forget the surprising selection of other exotic cuisines, including extraordinary Latin, Mediterranean, and Asian variations that make their own delicious contributions to this gourmet paradise. Here, you’ll find famed classic French, Italian, and Spanish restaurants that remain unceasingly faithful to their roots.

Some people eat to live, but New Orleanians live to eat. As a result, the city offers one of the most incredible – and incredibly diverse – concentrations of exceptional dining and unforgettable cuisine in the world. Wherever you choose to eat in New Orleans, prepare your palate to fall in love; there's never been a better time to dine in New Orleans, and your table awaits.